The leader of natural stone sector…

Sangab Azarshahr ( SAZCO ) is a leading quarrier and manufacturer of natural stone products particularly red Travertine in Iran .

Travertine is a natural stone such as Marble , Granite , Onyx , etc which is formed in hot springs . The key characteristics of travertine stone are holes within the stone which are caused by carbon dioxide evasion .

Significant reserves of world travertine are located in Iran . In Azarshahr province , where our company operating , unique travertine in different types and colors can be found . One of the renowned quarries which is under operation of Sangab Azarshahr Co . is called Sorayya in which red travertine is quarried .

We have been quarrying and fabricating natural stone for more than 30 years with our own quarries and 22،۰۰۰  m2 fabrication facilities . Our products have been used in residential and commercial projects throughout the domestic and international markets.

Although The company at first was established by government sector, but in 2003 was 100% sold to private sector and since then has been operated and developed under the new ownership and management directions .

Sangab Azarshahr,Inc. strives to bring you only the best in building and landscape stone products. From our large selection of building stone.

Where the journey begins, the journey of natural stone, that goes all over the world. Sangab Azarshahr Travertine & Marble; All colours of Travertines…

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Modern technology, experienced staff, quality consciousness in every area, respectful attitude towards to environment and nature.